Trucking Regulations
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Every day, millions of Americans get behind the wheel to head out on the highway, with their sights set on a specific destination. Some of them are off to the store, some to school and some to their office building. For Minnesota’s professional truck drivers, their sights aren’t set on a certain end point, because they work on the highway.

The trucking industry is the backbone of our economy and our professional drivers are our industry’s heart. They are committed to safely delivering all the things that make our collective quality of life possible. Their commitment to safety is apparent in the consistent improvements in highway safety we have seen over the past decade.

Our trucks and truck drivers truly do move America forward.



Federal regulations governing commercial vehicle driving, vehicles, and companies are promulgated and enforced by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Driver Regulations

• General Qualifications of Drivers

• Physical Qualifications of Drivers

• Medical Examination of Drivers

• General Requirements for Driver Qualification Files

• General Requirements for Driver History Files

• Hours of Service Requirements

Vehicle Regulations

• Inspection and Examination of Motor Vehicles

• Vehicle Exhaust Systems

• Vehicle Tires

• Vehicle Markings

Company Regulations

• Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs

• Fees for Registration and Insurance

• Operating Authority

• Investigation and Voluntary Disposition of Loss and Damage Claims

• Brokers

• Receipts and Bills

• Household Goods

• Lease and Interchange of Vehicles

• Payment of Transportation Charges

• Overcharge, Duplicate Payment or Overcollection Claims

• Preservation of Records

• Safety Fitness Procedures

• Minimum Financial Responsibility for Motor Carriers

• Employee Safety and Health Standards


State regulations governing commercial vehicle driving, vehicles, and companies are implemented, administered, and enforced by the Office of Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations (OFCVO).

Vehicle Registration and Licensing

• Intrastate Registration Requirements

• International Registration Plan (IRP)

• Free Zone/Reciprocity Agreements

• IRP and IFTA Record Keeping Requirements

• Audit

Maximum Vehicle Dimensions

Weight Limitations

Oversize/Overweight Permits

Driver Qualification Rules

• General Requirements

• Physical Qualifications

• Drive Qualification File

Minnesota Intrastate Driver Waivers

Alcohol and Drug Testing Requirements

Commercial Driver’s License

• Classes of Commercial Driver Licenses

• Commercial Driver’s License Endorsements

Driver’s Hours of Service

• Carriers Not Subject to Hours of Service Rules

• 150 Air-Mile Radius Driver

• Record Retention

Vehicle Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

• Daily Vehicle Inspection Report

• Daily Vehicle Inspection

• Minnesota Annual Vehicle Inspection Program

• Required Emergency Equipment

• Safe Loading of Vehicles

• Exception

• Roadside Inspections

• Out-of-Service Vehicles

Vehicle Identification Requirements

• USDOT Number

Types of Intrastate Carriers

• Private Carriers

• For-Hire Carriers

• Exempt Carriers

Obtaining Minnesota Intrastate For-Hire Operating Authority

• Motor Carriers of Property

• Household Goods Carriers

• Building Movers

• Motor Carriers of Passengers

• Causes for Authority Suspension and Cancellations

• Limousine Permit

• Special Transportation Service

Obtaining Minnesota Interstate For-Hire Operating Authority

• Unified Carrier Registration Program

Insurance Requirements

Hazardous Materials

• Hazardous Materials Registration and Credentials

• USDOT Hazardous Materials Regulations Program

• Hazardous Materials Communications

• Shipping Papers and Emergency Information

• Marking and Labeling

• Placards

• Hazardous Materials Transportation Security

• Applicability of Security Plan Regulations

• Any Quantity of Hazardous Material

• Large Bulk Quantities

• Quantities Requiring Placarding

• Components of Hazardous Materials Security Plans

• Hazardous Materials Employee Training

• Frequency of Training

• Materials of Trade

• Transportation of Gasoline in Fueling/Contractor Tanks

• Driving/Parking/Inspection During Hazardous Materials Transportation